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  • EDUCATION is vital prior to starting a career.
  • MOTIVATED PEOPLE to attend our class in one of 16 cities.
  • ASSESSMENT TESTING for acceptance into class.
  • SALES DUTIES Required by employer.
  • WOMEN IN SALES are more credible in sales positions.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE SALES Learn skills and techniques.
  • SALES MANAGEMENT. Will it be sooner or later?
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. An offer like no other.


  • SALES PROSPECTING Many Programs for finding buyers. Build early Respect and Trust
  • ROAD TO THE SALE The "How to Sell" of our Award Winning Course.
  • EFFECTIVE NEGOTIATIONS Learn how to win in any situation every time


  • EMPLOYMENT OUTLOOK Projected to be excellent through 2008.
  • JOB SEARCH Sales Train with us and your Job Search worries are over.
  • NICHE. Better known as your “destined position in life.”
  • JOB SECURITY Is the highest of any job available.
  • SALES PAY See pay plans that are common in the sales industry.
  • JOB CATEGORY Over 600 different sales positions to choose from.
  • JOB PLACEMENT SERVICES We help find your sales job where you live.
  • WORK PERFORMANCE EVALUATION Commonly called job tracking.

  • WORK FOR US Easy Money...East Job. Sell seats in our Sales Training Class

  • JOB DEMAND Top 5 jobs in Job Demand. Sales is #1.

  • CAREER INVESTMENT What's included in the cost of our Sales Course.

  • SALES TRAINING LOCATIONS Sales Training Locations in the USA and Canada.

  • FREE SALES NEWSLETTER Sales Tips, Techniques, Articles and Strategies.

  • ABOUT US Sales Experience = 40 years. Business owner = 35 years.

  • TESTIMONIALS Every student LOVES US for what we've done for them.

  • CONTACT US We would love to hear from regarding any questions left unanswered in our website. Please call us toll-free.

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